The quality shows in every move we make.

Commercial Express Cargo Est.

The total transportation company.

We arrange carriage of goods in the

Middle East Market

and we have international offices.

We offers a complete service for transportation through

partnerships with major operators

to cover the needs of our customers.

Our ultimate aim is to further

the success of your business

that helps you quicker and easily

About us

Commercial Express Cargo Est. “Express Cargo” is a Kuwaiti institute established in 2013, and it’s built on the concept of providing logistics services for the GCC market through new systems and technologies.
We are proud of our logistics systems which provide our clients a simple and professional way to follow up their daily activities with us.
Our goal is to make the logistics market in GCC countries more active, easier to handle and reduce its conflicts.
We are serving our clients in all GCC countries and more!

Our clients

We like to serve you and we really enjoy what we are doing;
if you want to be a client and use our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.